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About Cisco Athletic

Welcome to Cisco’s online store webpage. Here you will find a wide selection of quality decorated sportswear that has been selected by your team or organization. You may already know us as the company that produces the professional quality uniforms that your team is wearing. We also have the capability to offer top of the line embroidery, screen-printing and tackletwill on quality retail lines such as Under Armour, Champion and many more.

Please select your school or organization from the “Select a School” drop down menu above. Your dedicated page will then display pictures and information on specific styles that are being offered to you. With your debit or credit card you will be able to order whatever items you want, safely and securely online, and your merchandise will be delivered directly to your organizer.

If you have an interest in our professional quality custom athletic uniforms and accessories, please visit our website at

We do business with tens of thousands of colleges, high schools, youth leagues and other organizations all around the world. Our merchandise is produced and decorated right here in our factory in Baltimore, Maryland. When you order from this online store your merchandise will be of outstanding quality and will be printed (if applicable) with the same attention to detail that we provide on our professional athletic uniforms.

Depending on exactly what products your organization has selected your order will take only 2-4 weeks to produce. The date that your program closes will be indicated on your specific page and we will get to work on your order as soon as it is closed. In an effort to expedite your order no more sales can be accepted after the program has closed and your page will no longer appear on the drop down menu at the top of this page.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ordering process, Please contact us at